Tight Game But Champs Find Their Way Out

Final: Migos 4 (2-0), Flint 3 (1-2). What a game this was by a very improved Flint side against the undefeated FCS side of Migos. Migos came into this game as a heavy favorite, as they are still yet to lose a match in FCS competition, also the other factor being that Flint is still new to the futsal scene. This game was only 1-0 favoring Migos at the half and the owner of Flint City Shane Proulx told me off to the side “ If we can keep this game close, that’s honestly awesome against a team like this “. Things would get a lot harder for Flint as out of the half they found themselves down to a 3-0 game and at this point they had a choice if they wanted to keep taking in the pressure that Migos was giving, or bite back. That was when Flint scored two of their own and now we had ourselves a ball game heading into the final 10 minutes of play. Migos would get themselves back in front with a 4-2 lead but with a minute and a half left Flint responded and it was a one goal game between the newcomers and the defending champs. Flint had a few great opportunities down that last stretch with a free kick and great space left out in front of the net but after a shot that hit the crossbar on the Migos goal with just 5 seconds left in the match, it was over. I think that Flint looks very improved after last week's game against Lansing City, they not only competed with Migos but a few times they looked like the better team and looked like they were going to take full control, but time was not on their side. As for the still undefeated Migos ( now 8-0 in all FCS competition ) they have a few questions to answer for themselves. Where was the scoring? Why was it so hard to get into the offensive zone? What did they do this week that they haven’t been doing in the past weeks? For what it’s worth they still managed to get out of a dog fight but these two teams will meet again next Saturday. Be sure to check it out next weekend, as the game can be seen on Saturday, February 25th, 4:30PM @ Lansing City Arena.

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by Chris Mcauliffe