Series Finale Preview

Nothing gets more exciting than this, as teams are coming off their weekend off for the holiday, the series regular season will wrap up this Saturday, and things are heating up and there is a lot at stake for all four teams this weekend.

BIH Grand Rapids (2-0) vs Migos FC (2-0) ( 4:30PM EST, Lansing City Arena )

The significance of this game is big, bigger than just the bragging rights or being the last undefeated team in the FCS, as this is a winner takes the overall one seed and the loser to face the winner of the other match up. Expect to see both teams fighting hard as both will be looking to get the easier match up heading into the first round of playoffs.

    Lansing City Futsal (0-2) vs Mitwest FC (0-2) ( 6:30PM EST, Lansing City Arena )

As stated in the last preview, the winner of this will take on the loser of the first match, leaving the loser to play the winner of that match up. Don’t let these records fool you either, these teams can ball out on the court. This game also has some added fire to it without the outcome of this game deciding the seeding, as this was last year's series championship matchup that ended in a nail biting penalty shootout, leaving this to be the rematch of that. Mitwest will be without one of their leaders in Costa Wells due to a red card suspension. Lansing City is coming off an open door intersquad game they played on Saturday to prepare and find the right fuel before heading into the series finale.

    Expect to see some high level futsal this weekend in Lansing, all the teams are playing for much more and there is a lot more clarity of who can face who based on a win or a loss. Now if there is a draw, it will come down to goal differential throughout the three games the teams have played each, deciding the final seeding ( there will not be two one seeds ). 

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by Chris McAuliffe