Semifinals Preview

Migos FC ( 3-0 , 1 Seed ) vs Mitwest FC ( 0-3 , 4 Seed ), 4:30PM EST 12/10

Migos head into this matchup trying to keep their good times rolling as they take on Mitwest FC, a team who is still looking to pick up its first win of the year. Costa Wells will be available to play now that he is done serving his suspension on a red card during match weekend number 2. There are rumors in the Migos locker room from match weekend number 3 that standout player Jonathan Stout will not be available for the semifinal, which could play key for how Mitwest will set up for this game. Last time these two teams met Migos doubled Mitwest’s score in a 12-6 beatdown in the arena, but Mitwest looks to change the course of the season by making a run for the trophy. Migos look to not only win the final, but finish the year undefeated.

BIH Grand Rapids ( 2-1 , 2 Seed ) vs Lansing City Futsal ( 1-2 , 3 Seed ) 6:30PM EST 12/10

Both of these teams are going to head into this match as evenly as it’ll get. Lansing City finally looks like they have found their stride in the Futsal Champions Series as they are coming off a win last weekend in a dominant fashion, while BIH is coming off a heartbreaking defeat. Lansing will be without one of their key pieces as Trent Amundson will be serving a red card suspension for the semifinal. BIH will be looking to have more strength with the squad as last weekend they were missing a lot of players on their squad, hopefully they’ll have more players for more rotation within the team.

All games can be found at Lansing City Arena. Fans, this is the second to last weekend of Futsal Champions Series action to be sure to head to the Lansing City Arena and catch the single elimination action!

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by Chris Mcauliffe