Opening Weekend

Futsal Champions Series opens with a bang

Game #1: CITY VS MITWEST -- Lansing City leads against mitwest but narrowly hangs on to a 1 goal win. City led for the whole game going up by as much as three goals. But the consistent pressure of the mitwest counterattack narrowed the lead. city had to hang on to win in the final 45 seconds as mitwest continued to pressure city's goal to the end. Mitwest proved to be a much improved side from recent performances in past leagues. City's Jeremy Klepal scored 5 goals and had an assist in a dominating standout performance. Mitwest's Costa netted 4 for himself including some high flying entertaining goals on the counter. 

Game #2: MITWEST VS INDY FUTSAL -- Mitwest dominates in a shocking win against Futsal indy. First win in mitwest history against Indy Futsal. Mitwest's counterattack proved to be too much for the experienced yet slow Futsal indy squad. Junyor Zaneletto proved to be a force again for Indy Futsal but was let down by a side that lacked the physical ability to keep up with Mitwest's run and gun style. Costa again shined for mitwest including scoring two goals at the end of the game that sealed the deal for the win. 

Game #3: CITY VS WSG -- CIty holds off WSG comback in a Dramatic game. WSG's Diego bobadilla shined for WSG leading his team to a fantastic first game of the series. Hernan, Tozer and emilque of WSG established an aggresive style of play that not only put city under pressure but resulted in tons of goal scoring opportunites. City's Jeremy Klepal smacked in 4 goals and provided an assist for City and a  brace from Jared Wilson-Santos proved to much for WSG to hang on too. This is going to be a game to watch moving forward. The contrasting styles make this a really fun one to watch. 

GAME #4: Indy Futsal VS WSG --WSG dominates the game but inexperience costs them against an experienced indy squad. Again Junyor Zaneletto shined but this time was met with support from his team. Repeated pressure from 1v1 opportunites and pivot play kept WSG from having any room to breath. WSG also was missing a key player in Alex tozer as he recieved a red card the game prior against City. THis game came down to the final seconds as Indy's pressure on WSG's goal proved to be too much as they snuck away with a 1 goal victory.