Mitwest Takes The Crown, Star As The 1 Seed

Final: Mitwest (3-1) 8 - Migos ( 2-2 ) 4. There was tons of build up leading into this game, from Mitwest talking their smack on social media, to the week before them claiming they were going to beat the defending champs, but they knew they had to back it up and they did. Mitwest brought a larger squad compared to Migos for this matchup but this result was not based on the fact that Mitwest had more players and more rotation, but more because of the names they had out there and how beautiful they all played together. Simply put, this Mitwest team is not the same group we saw all last series or who we saw week one, these guys are dangerous and they deserve every bit to claim the overall one seed heading into playoff play this upcoming week. Omar Lahbiki made it clear to me after the game claiming “ this is not an upset, no more upset.” and he is right, these guys went from the hunters, to the hunted. For Migos this is their first loss while competing for a win ( first loss officially came due to a forfeit ) and they looked just a little off this week against this reformed Mitwest side. Hopefully we can see Migos get back to their winning ways as they will have to face Flint SC for their playoff to hopefully book their ticket for a title defense. Now what comes next for Mitwest is everything they would be hoping for, as they get to play Lansing City Futsal, a team they have roughed up twice already this series, and to spice things up just a little bit, last time these two sides faced in a playoff game Lansing would end up beating them in penalties to win the title. These two sides have everything left in front of them, win and move on, lose and go home. All games can be found at The Lansing City Arena.

Next up - 

#2 Migos v #3 Flint SC - Time TBD

#1 Mitwest v #4 Lansing City - Time TBD

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by Chris Mcauliffe