Mitwest Returns to the Series in Search of the Elusive Title

Mitwest Futsal returns for their 3rd champions series in search for the title

After failing to reach the finals in the first series by only a couple points and then getting beaten out in Penalty kicks in the second series, mitwest returns to FCS eager for another shot at the title.

Led by Davide Di Poce, Mitwest will continue their sporadic attacking style in pursuit of the championship. One of the most experienced teams in the champions series, Mitwest will be a team to beat. in the early years of the club, it was tough goings. AS losses mounted in the double digits repeatedly. However, in the past year and a half mitwest has rebranded their team and taken down some of the bigger players in the futsal world. Beating Futsal Indy last year, FUtsal FActory over the summer during the NFPL cup and absoluting smashing Guanajuato and Illinois futsal club last year with scores soaring into the double digits, mitwest has solidified themselves as a real player in the futsal world.