Migos Win In Dominate Fashion To Go 2-0

Final- Migos FC 11, Mitwest FC 6. Migos took over in the first game of the night in Lansing, with everyone providing and making their own statements in this match but Mitwest just could not keep up. A red card from double yellows on Costa Wells caused many issues for the squad of Mitwest, as the team not only had to play some 5 on 4 for a few moments, but they also had no more substitutes on their bench as they only carried one for the match, leaving a very drained team out and needless to say, this match was decided once the red card was shown. Migos had a lot of guys provide for the game, and at the end of it when I went to find a player who I was going to speak with, every Migos player directed me to speak with Joshua Mason, who had a very good game picking up three goals in his debut match with the team. When I spoke with him and said “ you guys had a dominating performance today, tell me about it “ he told me “ Yea it was great, I think we started off a little rough but we came back strong, started moving the ball well, called the time out and started to move the ball, it was good. “ I had a conversation with the goalkeeper of Mitwest, Micheal Forbes he told me “ Man I sound like a record player at this point, mental mistakes dude “ and adding with that he said “ it ties back to the first half, there was a play Costa shouldn’t have been forced to take that first yellow card in the first half, and it leads to mental mistakes in the second half, and then it kind of like a rabbit pit. “ Forbes has told me these past two weeks about how mental mistakes are what is hurting them and costing them games. Migos FC now start their series 2-0 and will play the much anticipated match up against BIH Grand Rapids in two weeks on December 3rd at 4:30PM EST, in that match the winner will clinch the overall 1 seed for the playoff. Mitwest still has some work to do at 0-2 and they will be without one of their top players due to a red card suspension making things only harder as they take on the other winless team in the FCS in Lansing City Futsal on December 3rd at 6:00PM EST. All games can be found at The Lansing City Arena.

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by Chris Mcauliffe