Migos Make Noise In FCS Debut

Migos Makes Noise in FCS Debut

    Final, Migos FC 5, Lansing City Futsal 3. Migos got the game going with their opening goal being an awkward goal from Jonathan Stout from a corner that squeaked right past the goalkeeper Josh PierceJeremy Klepal would do what he does best when it comes to free kicks and scoring, as he nailed a rocket right through the Migos keeper to knot things up at one a piece. Jonathan wasn’t done with his input in the first half, as Migos hit Lansing with a counter attack to take the lead again 2-1 heading into the locker room. I spoke with Stout at the half and he told me “ We aren’t surprised at all “ ,being up at the half and when I asked what the plan will be in the second half, Stout had told me “ we may sit back a little more but we know we need more goals, because we know they are going to score back “. Boy was Jonathan right about getting more goals, as they came right out of the locker room and dropped two fast goals and just like that, the one goal deficit that Lansing was facing was quickly increased to three. Danny Buegar and David Saltsman would make it on the score sheets for Lansing to make things 4-3 in Migos favor, but a dagger goal with Lansing pressing for a goal with just seconds left in the game made things 5-3 with just 7 seconds left to play. What also did not help Lansing was that midway in the second half,  Junyor Zaneletto was shown double yellows and was sent off, forcing Lansing into a three man game for about five minutes, forcing City to play more passive instead of making pushes for the equalizer. Speaking to goalkeeper Pierce after the match, he told me “ two of those goals are on me, and the last goal to make it five to three was more of a gimme as we were pushing for a goal of our own and left ourselves exposed “. Speaking with Migos head coach Angel he told me “ we are excited right now, but this is nothing we did not expect. “ on the win, knowing fully just because they were underdogs doesn’t mean they can not win. So what's ahead for these guys? Well City will start 0-1 for the first time in FCS competition since the FCS was founded, but look to reignite their flame as they take on a strong side of BIH Grand Rapids at 6:30PM EST. Migos will look to continue their undefeated series as they take on the runner ups from last series in Mitwest FC at 4:00PM EST. Both these matchups will be on November 19th marking match day number two.  As always all games can be seen at The Lansing City Arena.

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by Chris Mcauliffe