Migos Tests the Waters in the Champions Series

THe Futsal Champions Series is excited to announce Migos Futsal as one of the four teams competing in the 2022 Futsal CHampions Series held at the Lansing City Arena. 

Migos FC was founded in 2017 by club founder Hector Fernandez, it was started as a outdoor team in local Sunday leagues and in 2019 Migos Futsal was created. Since the start of Migos Futsal- we've won 8  youth championships, including a USYF State championship and USYF Regional runner ups. This year we will have 6 youth level academy's competing under the Migos badge. Future aspirations for the club is to be the largest futsal academy in the Midwest, and also to be the most cost efficient full on academy in the area. We work with sponsors to help provide players scholarships for low income families and our sponsors also help us by sponsoring our stand out players. From our first year we had 1 team, next year it turned to two, three and now we have 6. We are looking forward to the future!

THis will be migos futsal's first step into the semi-professional/professional level and will prove to be a challenge. with all three of the other teams in the series having years of experience underneath their belt. with a passionate owner and loyal followers, migos might prove to surprise some people this year.