Migos Eliminate Mitwest, Finals Bound

FINAL: Migos FC - 9, Mitwest FC - 5. It is clear to say who the 1 seed was in this game and who deserved to make the final for the FCS. After many delays we got this game at 5:00 ( 30 minutes past due kickoff time ), with the delay giving a little bit of heat for the Migos side, as they had been warming up and waiting and getting a little frustrated with the wait they had to go through. Mitwest got very aggressive to try and mount a comeback throughout this game with tons of 5-0’s ( bringing an extra attacker on ) but the extra attack would also create a major gap in the defensive side for Mitwest. Mitwest plays a very hard press when it comes to futsal, and we saw a lot of that on Saturday, but these guys made a major adjustment with their press that was working for a good amount of time, but Migos learned and started to counter that press and putting Mitwest into a corner. Jonathan Stout had one of the most eye popping goals of the season, as he out paced two defenders and finished his 1 on 3 attack with a chip shot that landed right in the center of the net. Coach Angel Lopez after the game said “ we had a lot of different guys out there compared to our last match up, but we still expected to win “. Mitwest will finish their series run in the worst way possible and still searching for answers, as they went winless and had the worst goal differential within the series. I do expect to see these guys competing in the next series and putting up a fight for the title again like they did in the 2022 spring series. As for Migos, they get another Saturday of futsal and can finish their series in the best possible way by going possibly 5-0 with a title claimed in their first series in the FCS. It is clear that Migos has had one of the most successful seasons as it is, going undefeated in round robin play and winning against Mitwest, they are just one win away from FCS glory.

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by Chris Mcauliffe