Migos Dodges Disaster, Claiming The 1 Seed

Final- Migos FC 8, BIH Grand Rapids 7. These two teams brought their A games and brought many tests to each other, Migos was the team that passed overall. This match had a bit of added spice into it, as it stood if Migos won they would be the number 1 overall seed in the series going into playoffs next week and leaving BIH in the 2 spot, and vice versa for BIH. Now if there was a draw Migos would still claim the top spot as goal differential would've deemed Migos the winners, luckily it didn’t come to that. When I spoke with Migos coach Angel Lopez after the match he said “ we are happy to be the one seed, but the job is not done “, as he and his team found their seats right after leaving their dressing room to take in the Lansing City vs Mitwest FC match, scouting their next possible opponent. This game was a deadlock at the half at 2-2 and these guys were playing very cautiously, until the second half came and BIH was facing a 7-3 deficit as Tyler Crawford had a hattrick while his team's lead was growing. Migos did make a move which almost did cost them dearly in this match, as they called timeout with only 4 minutes left in the second half, they had full control of the match as BIH had already used their timeout for the half, they had to continue taking the beat down that Migos was giving, but it almost seemed after the timeout from the Migos side that BIH was the team that benefited from it the most. Right after the two teams had their huddle BIH had scored two quick goals to make it 7-5, Migos would get a goal back to make it 8-5 and that seemingly made it look like the game ender but little did the entire arena and Migos side know what was coming. Cesar Alayo made it a two goal game again and right after that goal BIH had another counter attack that led to another goal making it 8-7. It would come down to a series of corners by BIH to finally decide the finisher of this match, as BIH took one final rip at the goal as the final whistle blew and that was our game. A thriller to say the least and Migos goes on to be the undefeated and overall 1 seed heading into playoff weekend. Matchups will be posted on a TBD date, as always you can find all matches at the Lansing City Arena.

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by Chris Mcauliffe