Lansing City Futsal Get Their First Win And The 3 Seed

Final- Lansing City Futsal 10, Mitwest 3. I think it is safe to say that Lansing City has figured themselves out. In the FCS there are no real “ get right games “ like there are in other sports, every week you’re playing a team that is going to be difficult to beat. What made this match a bit easier was that Mitwest was missing one of their key players in Costa Wells as their play showed that. When I spoke to coach Francois Nabwangu before the match on how they could replace someone like Costa he said “ we are going with a more defensive squad tonight “. This game was close at the half as Lansing was only up 4-2, but Mitwests fortunes would soon change as the goals started pouring for Lansing. Josh Pierce, the goalkeeper for Lansing was a brick wall, making many key saves for the squad and keeping any life for Mitwest out after he missed matchday weekend 2. The only life Mitwest would get was when Trent Amundson would see a second yellow, and put Mitwest on the power play. Lansing City played perfectly through the power play, and right after they got on full strength they found themselves another goal as Lansing ran away with the game. What fans and players did not appreciate from Mitwest was how physical they got, as the pushing and shoving and chirping started to grow from the Mitwest side, but when I spoke with the coach Conrad Gonzalez of Lansing City after the game he said “ We knew as long as we played our game, we would be ok “  Both teams came into it with fire as they knew what happened last series and how it ended in a penalty shootout where Lansing came out on top, for months Mitwest has had to sit on that bitter taste and this was their time to get their payback, but Lansing came more prepared in the end. With the win Lansing salvaged a 3 seed in the series and will face BIH Grand Rapids for their playoff semi final on Saturday, 12/10/2022, Time TBD. With the loss, Mitwest will go winless in the regular series and putting them in the 4 spot and facing Migos FC for their semi final Saturday, 12/10/2022, Time TBD. All matches are located at the beLansing City Arena.

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by Chris Mcauliffe