Lansing City Blows Out BIH Grand Rapids, Advance to Third Series Finale In a Row

FINAL: Lansing City Futsal - 11, BIH Grand Rapids- 1. A full beatdown in Lansing for city, putting up 11 in must win match was truly a sight to see. With the absence of Trent Amundson ( due to red card suspension ) city did not miss a beat and plugged in another star to fill that gap. What gap needed to be filled that wasn’t was BIH and Cesar Alayo, as he was not in the squad this past weekend for Grand Rapids and it showed with the very little attack that BIH had against the strong City defense. Aiden Messinger of Lansing City had a show out game, dropping 5 goals including one where he dribbled around 3 ( including the goalkeeper ) with a little tap to finish off the perfect move. Jeremy Klepal also made sure to send fans home happy with one of his FCS signature free kicks as he blasted home a goal to make things worse for BIH. Goalkeeper Josh Pierce may have had his best futsal match to date, only allowing one goal by one defensive mistake, and holding a shutout for the entire first half. Needless to say, Lansing looks like they are finally back to where they were last series and in the nick of time, as there is no more room for losing from this game to their next which will be Migos FC for the FCS title match. For BIH in their inaugural season with the champions series, they exit with a great round robin run and being just a goal or two from being the overall one seed in the playoff, they ran into a brick wall without their star player and a very improved Lansing side. When I spoke with one of the Grand Rapids players they said “ We should be back next series, I think we will be, I hope we will be. “ These guys will come thirsty for more next series following a disappointing defeat in the semifinal. For Lansing they will play one last match, the team looks great now and the young fellas are starting to show some more swagger on the court by the day and new players are stepping up each weekend. Lansing City, Migos FC. One more match.

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by Chris Mcauliffe