City Scores 10 in Dominating Win Over Flint

City Dominates in Win over Flint

City moves to 1-1 in the series. The loss puts flint also at a 1-1 record for the series

Lansing City will take on Mitwest detroit on February 18th at 6:30 PM 

flint will take on Migos on February 18th at 4:30 PM

Flint came into this game with their heads held high after a rather surprising opening series victory over Mitwest Detroit. City was coming into the game with an opposite momentum suffering a opening series loss against Migos and missing Jeremy Klepal from illness. It was a game that meant a lot for both teams. A win by Flint would send them to the top of the table. A loss by City would equal a three game losing streak and a seat at the bottom of the table. The pressure was on! Early on in the game it was City all the way. A dominating possession performance fueled by Aiden Messinger, Leutrim Shefkiu, and Abdul Al-Rashed saw Flint barely complete a pass in their attacking half in the first 10 minutes of the game. City quickly put in two goals to go up 2-0. Flint then answered with a breakaway individual goal that was expertly put away past City GK Josh Pierce, but that was as close as Flint would get. One City goal after another quickly put too much pressure on the Flint GK, Gabe Sanchez and defense. The lone bright spot for Flint was pivot Entesto Oroza who individually saved Flint from a worse defeat. He was able to cause problems for City's defense and get some scoring opportunities but a lack of support made it an vain pursuit.