BIH Grand Rapids Makes Headway in Futsal Opener

BiH Grand Rapids Makes Headway in Futsal Opener

    Final, BIH Grand Rapids 8, Mitwest FC 7. This game was just awesome,  This game contained lots of tough, physical, gritty futsal, both teams definitely left everything they had out on the court. I personally loved this game, there was the attitude from both sides that both expressed a can win attitude, and no one was taking anything less than a win from this game, I think with a little more time on the clock in this game Mitwest takes this one into extra time, but nonetheless we didn’t get to that point and BIH comes out with the win when it’s all said and done. Talking to the goalkeeper of Mitwest he told me that “ there are a few things that we need to clean up “ before next weekend, and that “ some of those goals shouldn’t have happened “ and that they’ll make sure it does not happen again next weekend. Talking to the coach from Grand Rapids he told me “ we are excited to be in the FCS, and are looking forward to everything it has to offer “ and after a fun win like that, I am sure there will be much more excitement in the dressing room for Grand Rapids as they start their series 1-0. So what’s next for these two teams? Well both these teams will be back in action next weekend on 11/19/2022 at Lansing City Arena as BIH Grand Rapids will take on Lansing City in the primetime event at 6:30PM EST, and Mitwest FC will be against Migos FC at 4:00PM EST. BIH will look to continue their quest to a one seed as they take on a struggling Lansing City side, while Mitwest will have to quickly turn around and face an even better squad in Migos who has just taken down Lansing City. Both BIH Grand Rapids and Mitwest FC will go back to their training facilities and prepare for their second weekend of FCS.

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by Chris Mcauliffe