BIH Begins New Chapter as a Part of the Futsal Champions Series

The Futsal Champions Series is proud to announce BIH as the second team in the November & December series.

our Club has always been an indoor and outdoor team but this will be the first time we are competing in a Futsal league. We have been competing in the Midwest premier league for the past 2 years outdoors. our Club also travels all over the country to compete in cash indoor tournaments. our goals this year in the upcoming futsal series will be to be copmetitive while also play an entertaining brand of futsal for the fans. WE are excited to start playing. - Elmedin Zukic - President of BIH Grand Rapids

BIH will be a tough opponent for any team this coming series. With experienced players in the futsal game and now having a year round presence as a club will prove to be a tough matchup for CIty, mitwest, and Migos.